A timeline of key dates for Bosnia and Herzegovina's accession into the EU can be found at:

The European Commission periodically publishes an evaluation of Bosnia and Herzegovina's progress toward accession. The report includes analysis of the current political and economic status of the country and outlines the areas in which the Bosnian government needs to focus on reform. Read the Commission's 2010 Progress Report for Bosnia and Herzegovina here:

Or, for a 6-page summary of the 64-page 2010 report:

Based on the Commission's reports and assessments, the European Council makes Decisions on a country's progress towards membership. The most recent decision by the Council on Bosnia and Herzegovina can be found here:

 As part of its Common Foreign and Security Policy/European Security and Defense Policy (CFSP/ESDP), the Council has deployed an EU Special Representative (EUSR) to Bosnia. The head of the EUSR also holds the position of the High Representative of the international community in Bosnia. The Office of the High Representative is the locus of activity for both initiatives. Information on the activities of the HR/EUSR can be found and