Irina Meyer-Olimpieva works at the Center for Independent Social Research, St. Petersburg, Russia as a senior researcher and the Head of the Research Department “Social Studies of the Economy”. She received her PhD in Economic Sociology from the St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance. Her basic research interests are in the field of economic sociology with a particular focus on post-socialist transformation. Her recent research has focused on industrial relations and trade unions, informal economy and corruption, small business and business association. She has also studied science and innovation system in Russia and in particular institutional transformation of soviet science after socio-economic reforms. Irina Olimpieva is the author of about fifty articles in Russian and international journals and a monograph (“Russian Trade Unions in the System of Socio-Labor Relations Regulation: Particularities, Problems, and Research Perspectives”, 2010)

Project Summary

This project will examine efforts to combat corruption in Russia and Ukraine, focusing on the interaction between the state, civil society and media. The project will seek to understand how the relationship among these groups influences the success of efforts to reduce graft. The project will advance our understanding of how civil society and media groups can work together to maintain oversight over state activities and hold politicians accountable. In practical terms, it will help identify what works in anti-corruption policy so that policy-makers and concerned citizens are better informed in their efforts to improve governance.

Major Publications

  • Background Corruption in Small and medium-Sized Business. Russian Politics and Law, July-August 2009, P. 28-43
  • Corrupt Intermediaries in Post-Socialist Russia: Mutations of Economic Institutions (with Pachenkov, O.) Europe-Asia Studies Volume 65, Issue 7, 2013, p. 1364-1376
  • Russian Unions as Political Actors (with Robert W. Orttung). Problems of Post-Communism, vol.60, no. 5, September–October 2013, pp. 3–16.