Anna Arutunyan is a Russia-American journalist and author based in Moscow. Born in Moscow, she was raised and educated in the United States before returning to Russia as a journalist. She has covered over a decade of Russian politics and society as reporter and editor at The Moscow News, Russia's oldest English-language weekly. Her articles have regularly appeared in USA Today and other publications worldwide. She is the author of three books on Russia, the latest of which is The Putin Mystique, translated into over a dozen languages.

Project Summary

George F. Kennan Fellow - This research project will challenge assumptions about Russia as a collectivist society by asking whether one of the current chief hurdles in its development is in fact unbridled individualism and social incohesion. Seeking to analyze the effects of social incohesion on civil society and the prospects of democracy-building in Russia, this project would undertake a comprehensive study of this phenomenon involving an on-the-ground investigation of specific impediments faced by political movements, NGOs, and private business in attaining their goals: whether that goal is building a playground in their community or creating a political party with a voice in the government.

Major Publications

The Media in Russia (McGraw-Hill, 2009)

Freedom, Repression and Private Property in Russia (co-authored with Vladimir Shlapentokh, Cambridge University Press, 2013)

The Putin Mystique (Interlink Books, 2014)