Security and the Connected Vehicle | Wilson Center
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Security and the Connected Vehicle

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Today's vehicles have effectively become computers on wheels: from navigation systems to infotainment to HMI (human-machine interface). To date, these technologies have helped to improve the overall experience of driving in many ways. But are security protocols being properly considered in implementing such technologies? Are these systems built to last in today's high-threat cyber environments? What is the mobility sector doing to secure transportation today and tomorrow? How do smart cities and government regulations impact these connected vehicles? How will the eventual arrival of fully autonomous vehicles impact our safety on the roads? Are we ready yet?


Faye Francy
Executive Director, Auto-ISAC

Harry Lightsey
Executive Director, Emerging Technologies Policy, General Motors

Jeremy Spaulding
Founder and President, JMS Innovation & Strategy

Yuval Weisglass
Vice President, Automotive Cybersecurity, HARMAN Connected Services


Roger Lanctot
Director, Automotive Connected Mobility in the Global Automotive Practice at Strategy Analytics