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Dicussion Questions

  1. To what extent did nationalism play a role in the ending of the Cold War?

  2. What evidence is there that the Cold War is still alive?

  3. What is the difference between hard power and soft power and which was most important in bringing about an end to the Cold War?

  4. How did the process of ending the Cold War differ from the process of ending a conventional or hot war?

  5. What are the various internal and external factors that contributed to the end of the Cold War? Which factors do you believe were the most important?

  6. How did the 1980 and 1984 Olympics reflect Cold War tensions?

  7. To what extent did the events in Eastern Europe during the 1950's foreshadow the events of 1989-1990? What about the events of the 1960's and 1970's?

  8. To what extent was the Cold War ended by the personalities of Gorbachev and Reagan, and to what extent were impersonal forces responsible?

  9. Why did the post-Brezhnev era Soviet leadership increasingly distance itself from class struggle as the determining factor in Soviet foreign and domestic policy?

  10. Explain the unintended consequences of three of the following: the Helsinki Accords, glasnost and perestroika, the Afghan War, Gorbachev's UN speech, and Hungary opening its border with Austria.

  11. If you had to choose one event as the beginning of the end of the Cold War, what would it be? Defend your answer.

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