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University of Virginia - Miller Center of Public Affairs

The Miller Center gathers new knowledge about the American presidency and our government, shares that knowledge with scholars, officials and the public, and contributes to the contemporary debate about public policy.

We do this through six programs: The Presidential Recordings Program, the Presidential Oral History Program, and, the American Political Development Program, the Forum Program and the Public Service Program.

The Miller Center was established in 1975 through the generous gift of Burkett Miller, a Tennessee philanthropist and businessman with a vision of a university-based center of public affairs that would focus on important public policy issues and the American presidency.

Drawn to Virginia's legacy of democratic tradition, scholarship, and community, Miller envisioned a strictly nonpartisan institution within Thomas Jefferson's University, focused on the problems and challenges of the American presidency.

Now, more than twenty-five years later, the Miller Center of Public Affairs continues to embody the philosophy of its founder. It has firmly established its reputation as a truly unique and nonpartisan research institution standing apart from a sea of ideologically motivated policy think tanks. Indeed, the Miller Center is widely recognized as the vanguard non-governmental national institution for basic research on the American presidency and the executive branch of government.

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