Cold War Files: All Units: Activities: Policy Analysis Simulation (Document-Based Demonstration of the “Security Dilemma”)

Policy Analysis Simulation (Document-Based Demonstration of the “Security Dilemma”)

Accompanying Materials:
Primary Source Documents (dated & sourced)
Background Essay(s) (historical context)
Policy Analysis Template
Simulation Scorecard
Predicting History Rubric (generic – evaluating ideas, organization, etc.)

Activities: Document analysis
Focus: Predicting U.S. and Soviet behavior based on analyzing primary source documents (2 or more).
Technology: Overhead projector
Teacher Role: Modeling, Content expert/Advisor
Teaching Aides: Policy Analysis Template, “Security Dilemma” Definition (Melvin Leffler), and Peer Editing Comment Sheet

Student Activities:
1) Divide class in half, with one group (U.S.) assigned to read and interpret one Soviet document and the other group (U.S.S.R.) assigned to read and interpret one U.S. document.
2) Small groups (Policy Teams, U.S. and Soviet) each develop a written Policy Analysis Paper (using Policy Analysis Template), with recommendations for action.
3) Teacher uses overhead projector to present definition of “Security Dilemma”
4) Student groups exchange Policy Analysis Papers
5) Each student writes an essay describing the role of “threat perception” in the development of their team’s policy recommendations and the opposing side’s recommendations.
6) Peer Editing of essays using Peer Editing Comment Sheet.

Team -- Teacher feedback to teams on Policy Analysis Papers
Individual -- Teacher feedback to:
A) Essay writers
B) Peer editors

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