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Alternative Assesment: Essay


Have students write an essay on a given topic of the Korean War. They must draw together all the information presented and their outside readings to respond to the topic.


1. Did the student write the essay?

2. To what extent did the student state the topic clearly?

3. To what extent did the student review the information and pull-together the outside and primary sources?

4. To what extent did the student respond to the questions selected by the teacher?

5. To what extent did the student go beyond the basic information and do additional research on their questions?


Discuss how the students' knowledge expanded from the first day when they gave their impressions and ideas about the Korean War. If possible post the original list or web they created. Ask them if there were things they would remove from the list from the first day. Ask if the class discussions, the primary sources and readings surprised them. Ask if the investigations and research has lead to any more questions.

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