Wilson Center Awards

April 14, 2010
Place The Calgary Telus Convention Centre
Calgary, Alberta
For more information, please contact Hunter Pechin at hunter.pechin@wilsoncenter.org

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About the Woodrow Wilson Awards


The Woodrow Wilson Awards recognize leaders in government, business, science, the arts, and beyond, who have worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life of those around them, reflecting the spirit of United States President Woodrow Wilson.  Since their inception more than ten years ago, the Awards have been presented in major cities across North America and around the world.  This year, the Wilson Center’s Board of Trustees enthusiastically nominated Preston Manning and Charlie Fischer to receive these prestigious honors in Calgary.  View a list of recipients of the Woodrow Wilson Awards.


The Woodrow Wilson AwardPreston Manning received The Woodrow Wilson Award for Public Service.  The Award for Public Service is given to individuals who have served with distinction in public life and have shown a special commitment to seeking out informed opinions and thoughtful views.  Recipients of this award share President Woodrow Wilson’s steadfast belief in public discourse, scholarship, and the extension of the benefits of knowledge in their own countries and around the world.  Rather than basing policies and ideas on political or professional expediency, these leaders devote themselves to examining the historical background and long-term implications of important public policy issues.  They encourage the free and open exchange of ideas that is the bedrock of a vibrant democracy.

The Woodrow Wilson Award for Corporate Citizenship was bestowed upon Charlie Fischer.  The Award for Corporate Citizenship is given to those executives who, by their examples and their business practices, have shown a deep concern for the common good beyond the bottom line.  These corporate leaders have inherited President Woodrow Wilson’s commitment to scholarship, public discourse, and the promotion of knowledge both at home and abroad.  They work tirelessly in the service of their belief that private firms should be good citizens in their own neighborhoods and in the world at large.  They understand that good citizenship can come in many forms, such as promoting renewed growth and vigor in economically disadvantaged towns and neighborhoods, supporting the arts, encouraging ties between different sectors of society, promoting international cooperation and understanding, and improving education at all levels.

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