Protests Continue in India

Following Indian Prime Minister Modi’s December 12th passage of legislation providing for preferential treatment of non-Muslim minorities immigrating to India from within South Asia, massive protests by Indians concerned over the implications for Muslims broke out and continued into the new year. In conjunction to anger over a law establishing a national citizenship registration, Indian Muslims and others who favor a pluralistic and secular India fear increasing Hindu nationalism on the part of the BJP government. Violence against protesters, including students at predominantly-Muslim universities, led to the deaths of more than two dozen in the protests, while the BJP government refuses to back down on the legislation amidst growing public opposition to the move. As Michael Kugelman, deputy director of the Asia Program at the Wilson Center, states in a quotation in the Times: “In effect, some of the BJP’s own rank and file, the very people the party has sought to help, have come out against the law.” Catch up with more coverage on Daily Times, Bloomberg, Asia Nikkei, and The New York Times.

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