We know a great deal about what it takes to prevent most pregnancy-related deaths and complications. This collective knowledge, coupled with political commitment and action, has led to a 47 percent reduction in global maternal mortality since 1990. Yet, despite this achievement, improvements have not been universal – many areas remain behind. Underserved communities and marginalized women are still too often unable to access the resources, information, and services that ensure safe pregnancy, delivery, and recovery.

An estimated 800 women die from pregnancy- or childbirth-related complications around the world every day. And for every woman who dies, it’s estimated 20 more experience acute or chronic morbidity. Ninety-nine percent of maternal deaths and morbidities occur in developing countries.

The Maternal Health Initiative is committed to improving maternal health outcomes by increasing knowledge, understanding, and communication among a range of stakeholders in order to facilitate creative interventions that can be integrated into policies and programs worldwide.